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About Us




Well, for one, we is me.

My name is Terry (to the left, the guy with his spine not as neutral as it should be, and pulling sumo...). My focus is to share the passion of deadlifts, the benefits they provide, and the mindset needed to maintain the consistency that is an absolute struggle for us with lives that are central to so many other aspects of day-to-day life.

Deads4days is my passion, an outlet to share what I learn and the efforts I put into effect. It is not an easy balance, but luckily I have a beautiful wife that struggles along with me, navigating the stormy waters of four kids, all in multiple activities, her nurse life, and my life running a business laying bricks. *See below.


I have been training for 25 years and have had an athletic oriented existence, but a centralized priority on deadlifts and other compound exercises are fairly recent for me, to the tune of about five years. No more "curls for the girls."

If you are familiar with somatotypes, I would consider myself an ectomorph - a "hard gainer." I do not pull outrageous loads, but do push my limits; the awesome thing about deadlifts is that their benefit does not only result from Eddie Hall type record lifts. 

They impact everyday functionality, like no other.

Incorporating compound movements, and programs revolving around specifically deadlifts (though squats have been extremely impactful for me, too), mass was gained.

This ignited a passion that I have been unable to quench, and I have immersed myself in this arena every since. So much, in fact, that I put together an ebook on Amazon that discusses the main points of the deadlift, purely to get those interested, involved. I would love for you to check it out!


The Mission: 

Be a catalyst for all people to realize their power, in pulling heavy and attacking life.

The Promise:

To deliver news on deadlifts and mindset on a consistent basis. This news will be purposed to inform, educate, humor, and embarrass myself as I continue each day to be better than the day before.

The Essence:

At the core, operating with courage and intensity in action, imagination in design, absorbing the ridiculous amount of available knowledge, and daily gratitude.

The Energy:

Dreamers in action (corny, yeah, but truth), welcoming failure and endeavoring to lift more, explore more, learn more, and maintain the focus and energy to stay consistent. Facing fear, smiling, thankful, and enduring during the search of obstacles in life, avoiding comfort. 


A little info regarding the apparel:designing deads4days

Too often I have found the experience of finding a great fitting t-shirt is a nuisance. Slip on a tee and it looks as though you have never stepped foot in a gym? Tight in the arms, but the rest looks like a box? Or it looks as if you cut holes in a sheet? Not here.

The shirts used at Deads4days are premium quality, comfortable, and fitted. "Premium" and "comfort" are words liberally tossed around in the apparel-verse, but slip one of ours on and you will feel those words as the cotton blend caresses your body, with just enough hug and stretch to express your gains...if that's your thing. However, if you're not a meat head, they will look and feel phenomenal as well.*thumbs up* 


First and foremost,

I hope to find avenues to help you get the most out of each day, as I attempt to figure it out each day. If you do decide to purchase some apparel, proceeds fund my efforts to keep Deads4days rolling.


Email me anytime, I will be happy to chat! 

Appreciate the visit, and enjoying the struggle alongside you,


Lift Heavy. Live Happy.