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Strong Amid Impulse

On any typical day we make thousands of decisions. Seneca once said, “we should always let some time elapse, because time always exposes the truth.” If you do not know who Seneca was, please trust me, he was a fairly intelligent old Roman dude. I can not confirm he enjoyed a good deadlift session, but it’s reasonable to assume he’d have appreciate their worth. Here he speaks of our decisions, and how time is the ultimate truther. The decisions you make today will make their presence in your future.

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Which of These Common 5 Deadlift Mistakes are you Making?

You either complete the deadlift or you don’t; you can not cheat it, and it won’t lie to you.  As simple of an exercise as it is however, there are some very common mistakes to be aware of.  Here is a list of five.  Be conscious of them. Take a step back in weight to enforce proper mechanics, then focus on increasing weight. Taking time to perform this magnificent lift safely and properly is better than time off because of injury.  So, leave your ego at the door (feel free to grab it on the way out), and let’s jump in.

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