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Got Confidence?

Three Steps to Help Boost Self Confidence

Keep promises to yourself.checklist to keep promises to yourself

  • This is the foundation of self confidence. Begin by making promises to yourself. Outline specific tasks that come from deconstructing your goals and fulfill, on time. Prove to yourself that you are capable to do the things that you have told yourself need to be done. Eat the correct meals, get to the gym as your plan dictates, follow through with business. Keep these promises daily, and watch the wins pile up.

Don't define yourself by the outcomes of the goals you set.

  • Failure. It will happen. It is part of any meaningful life, and is a requirement on a path of growth. It is imperative, however, that you not allow yourself to get too low when you fail, or too high when you win. Victories should be celebrated, and a feeling of improved self-confidence will accompany it, but unless your thought process changes, you will find yourself back at square one - anxious and unsure about the next goal. Build confidence completing the daily tasks, fulfilling the promises to yourself; more often than not, your goals will be met. 

Get your body moving.

  • It may be awkward at first, but getting your limbs in motion will do incredible things for your psyche. Yes, the first steps are the hardest, but this is the same for everyone. As with all things, you have to be willing to acknowledge you may feel strange in the beginning. As soon as you can side step this, confidence builds fast - especially in the beginning - as results are quick and exponential. 


1. Keep promises to yourself.

2.  Don't define yourself on results, but know you have the power to influence them. Focus on the grind, it is in your control.

3. Workout.

Good day!

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