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Christmas in July

Christmas in July

A Familiar Phrase

We have all heard this phrase before, usually as an excuse for another party during Summer's dog days, or to excite us into some mindless consumerism.

Now, to be clear, this site is partially, and originally, an e-commerce site - my business...apparel. I am starting a journey to create income doing what I like.

My focus, however, has changed rapidly from selling to giving, giving information that I am learning on my journey. My plan is to document the way I am changing the way I live in hope that it may sometimes motivate others to do the same. Too many times we are frozen out of fear to do what we want, in an effort to stay where we are comfortable. There are many psychological, and biological, reasons for this that I will explore in future posts.


Read on for a somewhat, but not really, accurate illustration of my point and a weak attempt to cleverly tie in the title... 


An Anecdote

This summer evening, my kids an I decided to have popcorn and watch a movie. The chosen movie was "A Christmas Carol," the creepy one with Jim Carey, as it was high on our Amazon feed. Thus, our own little Christmas in July. We all know the story of Scrooge, an old mizer, in spirit and wealth who is afforded the opportunity to reflect on his past, present, and future - assisted by three uninvited ghosts.

In the end, overwhelmed with joy by the chance to redeem himself, Scrooge is grateful that he has been returned to Christmas Day and in turn corrects his wrongs, beginning with young Tiny Tim.

At his ripe old age, Ebenezer changed. 

changed behavior, power of controlling your mind, you are what you think


It is never too late, we are never too old, and rarely is it ever the right time. So don't wait for external forces to show you the way. As far as I know, it is rare to have the "luxury" Ebenezer had to put life in perspective. You're going to have to do this on your own, and you can. The secret is to just start taking action.

You'll figure it out on the way.

That's my plan anyway.


This is my first ramble. Fire away, and thanks for reading.

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