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Warming Up, The Real Pre-Workout!

Warming up is one of the most neglected parts of any daily workout and is way more than just pounding out reps with an empty bar. The best warm ups have 4 important steps - Cardiovascular warm up, mobility, muscle activation and movement practice. If your warmup has key parts, you’re ready to get under a bar and move some weight.  

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How often do you hear or say the words, "live like you are dying?" Too many people let the most precious asset we have, time, slip as if it is infinite. Not until someone close passes, or oneself or someone has to fight through a life threatening situation, is this realized. How often do you hear the heroic stories of someone beating cancer, then accomplishing great things, living their life to the fullest? If you chronically delay starting to eat right, to commit to a workout plan, or maybe even to start a business...remember this: We all have a terminal diagnosis. Everyone will pass. Remember this, not to give up and consider life pointless, but to begin to use your...

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Christmas in July

Christmas in July A Familiar Phrase We have all heard this phrase before, usually as an excuse for another party during Summer's dog days, or to excite us into some mindless consumerism. Now, to be clear, this site is partially, and originally, an e-commerce site - my business...apparel. I am starting a journey to create income doing what I like. My focus, however, has changed rapidly from selling to giving, giving information that I am learning on my journey. My plan is to document the way I am changing the way I live in hope that it may sometimes motivate others to do the same. Too many times we are frozen out of fear to do what we want, in an effort to...

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