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A Month Is Enough, Right?

Just 4 weeks in, are you flaking on the gym yet? The resolutioners are dissipating...are you still going?

Who are you?

Take action. Walk the walk. Be about it. No fear. Deads4days

The line of critics is infinite. Their criticism is a way to justify no change, to maintain conformity, sometimes even against their inner, deeper desires!

We all know talkers, often we are or have been one. Excuses are abundant here. It is so exciting to talk about what we're going to do, but over time, realize that motivation fades. Intentions may be good, but without a plan and good habits and discipline, you never stood a chance.

Do-ers are few and often stand alone. BUT, deep down, everyone admires them. They make things happen, they stick to their word. They are brave enough to acknowledge and confront fears, and keep moving. Good habits and discipline push them along.

It is so easy to be a critic, and to talk, BUT it is simple, too, to "do." It just requires hard work.

January is ending. Who are you, really?


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