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Warming Up, The Real Pre-Workout!

Warming up is one of the most neglected parts of any daily workout and is way more than just pounding out reps with an empty bar. The best warm ups have 4 important steps - Cardiovascular warm up, mobility, muscle activation and movement practice. If your warmup has key parts, you’re ready to get under a bar and move some weight.  

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A Month Is Enough, Right?

Just 4 weeks in, are you flaking on the gym yet? The resolutioners are dissipating...are you still going? Who are you? The line of critics is infinite. Their criticism is a way to justify no change, to maintain conformity, sometimes even against their inner, deeper desires! We all know talkers, often we are or have been one. Excuses are abundant here. It is so exciting to talk about what we're going to do, but over time, realize that motivation fades. Intentions may be good, but without a plan and good habits and discipline, you never stood a chance. Do-ers are few and often stand alone. BUT, deep down, everyone admires them. They make things happen, they stick to their word....

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How often do you hear or say the words, "live like you are dying?" Too many people let the most precious asset we have, time, slip as if it is infinite. Not until someone close passes, or oneself or someone has to fight through a life threatening situation, is this realized. How often do you hear the heroic stories of someone beating cancer, then accomplishing great things, living their life to the fullest? If you chronically delay starting to eat right, to commit to a workout plan, or maybe even to start a business...remember this: We all have a terminal diagnosis. Everyone will pass. Remember this, not to give up and consider life pointless, but to begin to use your...

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