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To Equip! 5 Reasons Why

It’s important to consider the different types of equipment out there, and what can help you, or hurt your progress. Most people don't need a huge arsenal of equipment. These can help you keep your form good, or protect your joints when things really get heavy. Here are five pieces of equipment that can help max out your total.

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Why Kettlebells Should Be in Your Arsenal

You’ve probably seen kettlebells at your local gym, relegated to a functional fitness corner. There might only be one set, or even a half set of the weights, topping out at 50 lbs or so. It might have never occurred to you that the kettlebell might be exactly what you need to unlock a monster powerlifting total. It’s not crazy to suggest that swinging around a 50 lb kettlebell, barely more than an empty barbell, can help you squat twice your bodyweight. Want to know more? Here are 5 ways kettlebell training can help you lift heavy.

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