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Three Reasons to Lift Without Gear *gasp*

However, despite how exciting new powerlifting equipment is, have you ever thought if you really needed it? From hip circles to bench blocks, there seems to be a limitless amount of equipment available for any adventurous powerlifter to get ahead. The surprising news is, that equipment might be making you weaker, or at a minimum increaisng inbalances!

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This Woman is Stronger Than You - This Includes You Bruh.

Keen is a Strongwoman athlete who holds the title of Australia’s Strongest Woman. She also is the only woman who has fully lifted the Dinnie Stones. The Dinnie Stones are famous granite boulders located in Scotland. In the 1830’s, they were used as counterweights to aid in a bridge repair. One of the stones weighs 321 pounds, while the other tops the scale at 413 pounds. When lifted together, they are a combined monstrosity of 734 pounds.

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There is little argument among the powerlifting community that deadlifts are one of the most exciting exercises to perform. Because deadlifts are usually the strongest lift in an athlete’s arsenal, it’s not unusual to see someone picking up two or three times their body weight, standing tall, and nodding their head like a madman when they lock out, and realize they’ve completed the lift.

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Why Kettlebells Should Be in Your Arsenal

You’ve probably seen kettlebells at your local gym, relegated to a functional fitness corner. There might only be one set, or even a half set of the weights, topping out at 50 lbs or so. It might have never occurred to you that the kettlebell might be exactly what you need to unlock a monster powerlifting total. It’s not crazy to suggest that swinging around a 50 lb kettlebell, barely more than an empty barbell, can help you squat twice your bodyweight. Want to know more? Here are 5 ways kettlebell training can help you lift heavy.

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Fuel Your Fire! Five Foods to Crush it in the Gym

For a sport as simple as powerlifting, people like to make it complicated. What is essentially a sport dedicated to moving heavy weight - athletes inundate with supplements, training gear, and complicated rep schemes. When the sport you love is starting to get complicated, it’s important to remember that fueling your performance doesn’t have to be. Here are five things you should be eating to crush it in the gym - so you can get the most from your workouts and have benefits that carry you to your next training session.  

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