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Why Kettlebells Should Be in Your Arsenal

You’ve probably seen kettlebells at your local gym, relegated to a functional fitness corner. There might only be one set, or even a half set of the weights, topping out at 50 lbs or so. It might have never occurred to you that the kettlebell might be exactly what you need to unlock a monster powerlifting total. It’s not crazy to suggest that swinging around a 50 lb kettlebell, barely more than an empty barbell, can help you squat twice your bodyweight. Want to know more? Here are 5 ways kettlebell training can help you lift heavy.

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Warming Up, The Real Pre-Workout!

Warming up is one of the most neglected parts of any daily workout and is way more than just pounding out reps with an empty bar. The best warm ups have 4 important steps - Cardiovascular warm up, mobility, muscle activation and movement practice. If your warmup has key parts, you’re ready to get under a bar and move some weight.  

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POWERLIFTING: 10 Reasons To Start Today

A quick look at Instagram, Fitness forums, and YouTube tells you all you need to know - powerlifting is IN right now. Instagram alone has 12 million posts with the hashtag #powerlifting, and that number is growing every day. From form checks to PRs, people love sharing their successes in what is one of the fastest growing strength sports, but is it all hype? We’re sure it’s not, and here’s 10 reasons why you should get under a bar, and move some weight.

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